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Supply Chain Management: Revistas

Conoce los cuartiles y el factor de impacto de las Revistas

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Revistas recomendadas

 Revistas en Elsevier 

JournaJournal of Purchasing and Supply Managementl of Purchasing and Supply Management 

Cobertura: 2003-2020                                                                                         

ISSN: 1478-4092                                                

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  Revisas en Emerald Insight

Journal of Humanitarian  Logistics and Supply Chain Management 

Cobertura: 2011 - Presente                                                        

ISSN: 2042-6747


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Supply Chain Management 

Cobertura: 1996 - Presente

ISSN: 1359-8546


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Artículos recomendados

Free, C., & Hecimovic, A. (2021). Global supply chains after COVID-19: the end of the road for neoliberal globalisation? Accounting, Auditing & Accountability Journal, 34(1), 58–84. Enlace.

Yu, Y., Zhang, X., & Zhang, N. (2020). Sustainable supply chain management under big data: a bibliometric analysis. Journal of Enterprise Information Management, 34(1), 427–445. Enlace.

Younis, H., & Sundarakani, B. (2019). The impact of firm size, firm age and environmental management certification on the relationship between green supply chain practices and corporate performance. Benchmarking: An International Journal, 27(1), 319–346. Enlace

Green, K. W., Sower, V. E., Zelbst, P. J., & Inman, R. A. (2019). Impact of JIT, TQM and green supply chain practices on environmental sustainability. Journal of Manufacturing Technology Management, 30(1), 26–47. Enlace

de Carisio, P., Campos, E., Pagani, R., Guarnieri P., & Kaviani, M. (2019). Are collaboration and trust sources for innovation in the reverse logistics? Insights from a systematic literature review. Supply Chain Management: An International Journal, 25(2), 176–222. Enlace

Surajit, B., & Shivam, G. (2019). Examining the effect of green human capital availability in adoption of reverse logistics and remanufacturing operations performance. International Journal of Manpower, 41(7), 1097–1117. Enlace

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Sherif, S. U., Asokan, P., Sasikumar, P., Mathiyazhagan, K., & Jerald, J. (2021). Integrated optimization of transportation, inventory and vehicle routing with simultaneous pickup and delivery in two-echelon green supply chain network. Journal of Cleaner Production, 287, 125434. Enlace.

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van der Vaart, T., Petkova, B., Xiao, C., & Molleman, E. (2019). Technology uncertainty in supply chains and supplier involvement: the role of resource dependence. Supply Chain Management: An International Journal, 24(6), 697–709. Enlace.

Sirait, N. M., Bakhtiar, A., & Susanty, A. (2018). The relationship between information sharing, informal contracts and trust on performance of supply chain management in the SMEs of batik. Measuring Business Excellence, 22(3), 292–314. Enlace.

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   International Journal of Supply and Operations Management (IJSOM)

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